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My name is Laura, mother of two children (19 & 16) AND a wanna be artist. I try just about anything, not always successful at it, but I can't help but try.

What I want for those who order a word(s), is to have a say in how it looks, which is why there is only an order form. So even if you place an order and we can't figure out a good font, then there is no obligation on your part to continue, really.

Copper is such a fun medium to work with, we created a kitchen bar using copper and our main floor bathroom countertop is copper, and as you've seen, a lot of copper words! I started making copper art about 8 or 9 years ago, which were ornaments to help pay for christmas and sold them though my husands family art gallery in Bothell for several years before they closed. I had a lot of copper left over from these and one day I decided to try words. I've discovered how expensive copper has gotten since then and to replace the copper I bought several years ago (and I'm using now) will be double the price I paid.

I love, more like need, to keep my hands busy being creative. My husband helps me out with the soldering, but I am doing most of it myself now and I'm really starting to enjoy that process. We've always been creative people, from building our own home over several long years, to you name it. There is nothing I've discovered, that he can't do or figure out, which is great for me, because I'm always trying to create some new kind of art!

We recently discovered a new technique for adding a more controlled design element to the copper which is really exciting. We discovered this technique when I wanted to make a present for my friend who helped me create the forms on my website and he wouldn't take money for his help. I know that he loves giraffes so I decided he needed a copper one of course!!! ( Click here if you want to see the final giraffe.)

Thank you for checking out my work and website, enjoy the rest of your day.


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